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Product Name FGC
Harpic Active Fresh Lavender Block
Harpic Active Fresh Liquid 8111912, 8111913
Harpic Bleach Crystal Oxi Action 31032 v1.1L 008548
Harpic Blue Power 6 Cistern Toilet Block 30484 v1.0L 008481
Harpic Blue Power Block Atlantic Burst FF3104995 D8366775 v2.0L 3116619, 3174148
Harpic Blue Power Block Floral Sensations FF3277650 D8406125 v1.0L 3116620
Harpic Eco Fresh 0% Bleach Block Eucalyptus FF3158082 D8378479 v2.0L 3170439
Harpic Eco Fresh Block Citrus FF3112223 D8368105 v2.0L 3116622
Harpic Eco Fresh Block Eucalyptus FF3112222 D8368104 v2.0L 3116621
Harpic Eco Fresh Toilet Gel Eucalyptus 3225751, 3247430
Harpic Eco Fresh Toilet Gel Marine 3129558
Harpic Fresh Power Block Coconut & Sea Salt FF3212624 D8392164 v2.0L 3217370
Harpic Fresh Power Block Mandarin & Ginger Lily FF3212627 D8392161 v2.0L 3217771
Harpic Fresh Power Block Marine Splash FF3104720 D8366782 v2.0L 3117029
Harpic Fresh Power Block Pine Forest
Harpic Fresh Power Block Rose & Jasmine FF3240542 D8397355 v2.0L 3254433
Harpic Fresh Power Block Summer Breeze FF3104989 D8366781 v2.0L 3116617
Harpic Fresh Power Block Tropical Blossom FF3173869 D8386959 v3.0L 3117959,3174147,3220872,3233985
Harpic Fresh Power Liquid Lavender Meadows 3218562
Harpic Fresh Power Liquid Marine Splash 3218832
Harpic Fresh Power Liquid Sparkling Citrus 3218833, 3219280
Harpic Fresh Power Liquid Summer Breeze D8301519 v4.0L
Harpic Fresh Power Liquid Tropical Blossom 3218563, 3218561
Harpic Germ Fighting Technology Block Bleach Lime 3116615
Harpic Germ Fighting Technology Block Eucalyptus
Harpic Hygiene Power Block Citrus FF3104989 D8366781 v2.0L 3212828
Harpic Hygiene Power Block Eucalyptus FF3138810 D8377987 v2.0L 3212097
Harpic Liquid Fresh Power Lavender Meadows
Harpic Liquid Fresh Power Marine Splash
Harpic Liquid Fresh Power Sparkling Citrus
Harpic Power Plus 10x Actions Clean & Protects Marine Explosion 3249150
Harpic Power Plus 10x Actions Clean & Protects Pine Forest 3249161
Harpic Purple Power Block Lilac Meadow FF3105001 D8366777 v2.0L 3116317
Harpic Scents of Adventure Block Bamboo Garden FF3149747 D8380625 v2.0L 3149747
Harpic Scents of Adventure Block Blueberry Woodlands FF3136025 D8374892 v2.0L 3210956
Harpic Scents of Adventure Block Mango Island 3254434
Harpic Turquoise Power Block Tropical Lagoon FF3105004 D8366778 v2.0L 3116316
Harpic White & Shine Bleach Block Fresh Lime FF3104992 D8366784 v2.0L 3116618,3178461
Harpic White & Shine Bleach Gel Eucalyptus 3263157
Harpic White & Shine Cistern Blocks Bleach Power D8398796 v3.0L 0158186
Harpic White & Shine Toilet Cleaner Trigger Atlantic Burst Scent D8340161 v3.0L 3172654
Harpic White and Shine Bleach Gel FF8307547_FF8307548 D8345829 v5.0L 3075526, 3083501, 3075527 , 3083512
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